Mini Piñatas? A Party Trend?

I absolutely love this trend!! So, mini piñatas have been around for a while now but they haven’t made their way to South Africa. I find this very strange, as we are a nation that likes to party or at least throw a party.

But back to basics...

Piñatas are these different shaped boxes that you can fill with sweets, hang up and let the kids hit it blindfolded, until all the sweets have fallen out. I mean that’s awesome right!

Well, Overseas Piñatas have been around since, well, way back, as party décor, a symbol of tradition and well, fun really. And because miniature anything is adorable, why not make mini piñatas. And so, it became a huge trend in the US. And soon crossed borders all through Europe but didn’t seem to make its way to us.

Although piñatas aren’t a huge part of our party culture here in South Africa, these miniature piñatas are way too adorable to not introduce to our parties. Besides serving as cute table decorations they are great for party favours, bridal proposals such as flower girl and bridesmaid proposals, Mother’s Day gifts, and the list goes on. These little boxes of joy are so versatile and are sure to bring a smile to all who receive one.

Along with them being super versatile and totally adorable, these little boxes are individually handmade and crafted. No two piñatas are identical, which just makes them so much more special.

So, if you are wanting to have a change from the normal bagged party packs to cute themed mini piñatas for your special child’s birthday, or you are wanting to make your bride team feel very special, then mini piñatas are the way to go.

And guess what they are here, In our backyard!!

Until next time!


Chelsea Kate and The Pretty Little Party Team

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