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Updated: May 27, 2020

A down to earth chocolate obsessed, foodie who has a passion for event planning, décor styling and fragrant flowers. This is why I have decided to give you all the ins and outs of planning an event. 

But first a bit of my background.

So funny enough I didn’t always know this was my calling, in fact I REALLY wanted to be a teacher. Since I can remember I was the, “teachers pet” as some would say. I always loved to be the favourite or to be put in charge when the teacher left the room. This allowed for me to develop and nurture my bossy nature. Which by the way, I do not look at as a negative attribute, I would actually say my bossiness is a strength of mine. You see, I’m  that motivator friend, the one that when you trip up, I'm there to push you along. Even if it entails nagging and being annoying and forcing you to do what needs to be done, I will be there. 

But soon into my high school years I had a change of heart, teaching wasn’t exactly my passion, it was more about being in charge that I enjoyed. But Hospitality, well, that was always in my blood, I just didn’t realise it. I was the girl who would hang around her older sisters when they had friends over, asking if they needed anything. Of course my sisters loved this and would ask for things constantly, whether it be, tea, toasties, sweets, chips, water, juice  and anything they could think of really. Although I was running around getting things for them and their friends, I never minded, in fact I actually quite enjoyed it. 

For my 14th birthday I planned a detailed spa party. With décor, nail therapist, masseuses, equipment and a menu I created and made myself. The hallways were lit with loads of candles and little stones, each bedroom was set as a different treatment with door labels, instructions and of course my mom as the bell lady. She would keep time and when each therapy was complete she would ring the bell and we all knew to go to the next room. It was fabulous.  We ended the evening with a three-course meal that I cooked and plated myself. Yes it was slightly extravagant for my 14th birthday but, I saw that nothing was impossible.

From that day forward, I knew that this was my calling. I found absolute joy in every aspect of the party. The development of the theme, the décor planning, the menu planning, the invitation designing, the actual setup, the cooking and of course the enjoyment throughout.

So I started planning all different events. I think by my 18th birthday I had planned my wedding 5 different times and I didn’t even have a boyfriend. Yes, this is truly my passion. 

I went on to study a BCOM in hospitality and hotel management. And while I was there I joined the events department in the university’s SRC (Student Representative Council). And by the end of my first year I had successfully planned and executed the best pageant the university had ever seen. Might I say with no budget. Yup that’s right there was NO budget. I walked around town asking for different stores to donate prices, sashes, stages and anything I needed. And there was no prize for me doing this, I did it completely out of joy. 

I then planned and hosted my 21st birthday. This was a spectacular evening. I had friends and family coming to me and asking me to organise their parties and others if they could propose to their girlfriends that night, as it was so beautiful. 

I graduated from university, after completing my thesis and internship at an events company in Durban, to take on the big wide world. Life as naïve Little Laskey was about to be thrown upside down. I decided to enter the luxurious yachting industry, which sounded very glamorous at the time with a big chunk of change attached to it. I thought It would be a good way to start my life out, with my student loan paid off and a bit of cash in my back pocket. …4 years in and I found myself still there.  

With this career choice it allowed me to travel quite a bit throughout Europe. This was a huge bonus and exactly what I needed to find myself and broaden my views. I know that sounds very corny or cliché, “find myself”, but I think there is a lot of pressure on young people to know exactly what they should do right out of schooling. And a lot of them have no idea who they really are deep down, they haven’t been pushed by different views, religions, races and opinions. They’re starting in a career path that  they ‘think’ they want to be in. When you’re  still young you should take advantage and explore the world, she has a lot to teach us. 

Through my journey I had met some incredible people, and some not so cool. Life is full of them, You must know the ones I’m talking about, the ones who think their poop don’t stink, yup them… anyway I believe each moment has taught me something. I refuse to look back and complain about the hurt and unjust. I have decided that focussing on the future and what it has to offer is so much more rewarding. When you push yourself beyond your limits, you unpack the mental and the physical reserve that you never thought you had. 

This leads me to my new adventure, let’s see how it goes… 


Chelsea Kate

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