Choosing the right cake for your special day?

Updated: May 27, 2020

Wondering how to choose the right cake for your special day? Does anyone even eat it after all the dessert? Is it even necessary to have a giant cake? If these are all the questions running through your head, don’t worry I am here to help.

Well, first of all having a cake at your wedding is a definite. A gorgeous cake will be the center piece of your wedding and will be admired by all the guests. It also comes with quite a bit of sentiment. Besides from the cake being the showpiece, the act of cutting the cake together in front of all your guests represents the first activity done as a couple. The second act as a married couple is quite a romantic gesture, it's feeding each other a small piece of the cake, a symbol and promise to always care for each other. 

Besides from it being a very symbolic moment for the bride and groom it also allows for the perfect moment to have beautiful photos taken. 

When choosing a cake you first need to have your main wedding elements decided upon. It is important to have your style, feel, colour palette and flowers decided upon, so you know the style and colour of the cake you need. For example a rustic bohemian cake won’t suit your crystal ballroom wedding. And big yellow gerberas on the cake won't suit the elegant white roses you want for the wedding. Also, you need to consider where and when you will be having your wedding, inside, outside, during summer, during winter, in the morning or  in the evening. These elements will all affect the cake. I would suggest having a chat to your baker and request the best types of cakes for your style wedding. For example if you are having an outside sunny wedding during mid-afternoon then you will not be able to have whipped cream, buttercream or meringues as they will just melt, you should rather have a fondant icing as it holds better in the heat. 

Once that’s all out the way we can talk flavours, fillings, icing and cake décor. This is my favourite part as it requires cake tasting. Who doesn’t like tasting all different kinds of cake? You need to see what the best option is, I mean really,  it’s like a gift from the wedding Gods. And don’t be shy when it comes to the different flavours, there are many options you can choose from, taste them all. 

With this being said there are still a few more factors to consider. The delivery of the cake is very important as you might also need a refrigerated van, depending on how far the wedding venue is. Sometimes the cake is in a few pieces, for ease of travel or for fridge storage and thus will need to be assembled on the day. Before the cake is delivered make sure there is storage space at the venue, especially if it requires refrigeration. This is why I would recommend you pay the baker to deliver your cake to the venue completely ready for the celebration on the day. This will limit your responsibility for the cake to just enjoying it. 

As the cake is a center piece at the wedding, it will need to have a designated table that allows it for gorgeous photography and viewing. Be conscious when choosing the table with regards to the size and shape of the cake. For example, a round table will best suit a round cake and a square or rectangular table will best suit a square or rectangular cake. Size also matters as you don’t want the cake to look small on a big table. Most people forget about this but put a bit of effort in decorating this table. A nice table cloth with a few flowers or candles that match your cake will make a big impact.  

Planning a wedding on a budget means making cut throat decisions on certain items, and the cake can be one of them. If you will be having a dessert table then only have a small cake, it can be beautifully decorated as the main centre piece for the cutting and couple feeding moment, but then the guests can have desserts from the dessert table. Another option could be having a big box cake of the same flavour as the small decorated cake, the caterer could slice it up in the kitchen, and the bride and groom could have the photo moment with the small beautifully decorated cake. Another element to consider is staying away from handmade sugar flowers and different edible décor and rather go for live seasonal flowers picked from the garden or beautifully displayed fruit.

You could consider cheese as an alternative. As rustic weddings are becoming more popular, cheese cakes are becoming popular too. With a cheese cake, the cheese can be delivered a few days before which eliminates the worry of the cake delivery process. Another thing to consider is cutting the cheese cake right after the ceremony, this will give the catering company or kitchen staff time to cut all the cheese and serve it as a cheese board/platter for starters or canapés. 

With all of this being said, yes cakes are important for a wedding, there’s a lot of symbolism attached to it and well, they taste good. But you can make certain changes to make it suit your style, theme and budget. 

And remember, a party without a cake, well that’s just a meeting.


Chelsea Kate and The Pretty Little Party Team

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